Overnight is including breakfast in the restaurant Iisakin Talo (200 m from the villas, reception is located here as well).
In the area we have two restaurants Iisakin Talo and Kontioluola.
You may book a regular 3 course dinner (menu of the day) together with your room booking.  Prebooking is recommended.
Menu of the day will be served in Iisakin Talo or Kontioluola (depending of the day). Dinner time is at 19.00.
Our cuisine is local, we use all the 'wild' ingredients from the forests and lakes around us. Typical menu consists of a local fish, mushrooms, reindeer, elk, berries and another traditional Finnish delicasies.  

If you want to book special Lappish dinner (Wednesdays & Fridays) you may book it here
To guarantee you a pleasant dinner experience, please inform us allergies and special diets in advance.